LATEST UPDATE 26/04/2021:


TIER 1- TIER 2 and TIER 3 - We will be open as usual following government guidelines to help keep our customers and staff safe. Masks must be worn when entering our shop, a hand sanitizer is available to use and we cannot allow more than 3 people in our shop at any one time.

The following information refers to a TIER 4 - LOCKDOWN.

First of all, we would like to wish that everyone stays safe. We sincerely hope that you and your families stay safe during this pandemic and currently challenging times.


Will Speedy Prints still be operating?

Although we have to close our doors to our supporting customers, we will still be operating as a click and collect service (Mon-Fri). We can still take your orders and process them for either a contact free collection or a delivery. We will still be here for all you printing needs.

Plus, you can still order frames, canvases and upload prints from any device on our site.


I need passport, I.D, Blue badge photos, how do I order?

Passport, I.D, Blue badge photos can be ordered straight off our site following the instructions listed on the service. You can select from a digital copy or a printed copy or both. Postage has been deducted from the digital copy even though you will still need to apply postage at checkout. But you will not be charged for postage as this has already been deducted.

To order please click here

How do we order locally during the lockdown?

You can drop off your films, disposable cameras, memory cards and photos for duplication through our letter box for processing. Or ring the doorbell/knock on the door. Or post them to us using your chosen courier and delivery service. Simply add a note with your orders with details of address and telephone number and we will call you back to take payment and process your order.

Can I still order photos or get them printed instantly?

You can still order photos, either by email or popping your memory card/sticks into our post box with an attached note. Or knocking on the door/ringing the doorbell for us to take while you wait if you need them printed instantly. Give us a call beforehand, and then you can pop down to the shop, hand over your (pre selected photos) on a memory stick or memory card by placing them in our post box or handing them to us along with a payment card, and we will ask you to wait briefly (outside our shop), print them, take payment and put your order along with payment card and memory device back in the post box for you to take once we have gone back into the shop.

I need documents printed/copied/laminated/bound how do I do that? 

Document printing can still be sent via email and/or memory card (posted through our letterbox) again include your contact details (if we are not available and on hand) so we may call you back to process the order for either contact free collection or delivery. Instant copying can be done by posting your required document for copying through our post box with either a payment card or the correct change. (please call to make sure we are available and on hand). We may also ask you to wait at the door outside while we print/copy your documents. We can also bind documents that have either been posted to us or emailed for printing, this also applies to laminating.(delivery charges may apply) Email documents to

I have some VHS/video tapes, cine film, can I still get these put onto DVD ?

VHS to DVD, Cine film digital transfers etc, these can also be posted to us for processing for a contact free collection or delivery or handed to over to us. (delivery charges may apply if you require delivery).

I would like a canvas printed, how do I go about ordering?

Canvas printing can be done by either emailing us a picture, posting a photo with a note, or ordering online.  (delivery charges may apply). Give us call or email us to find out pricing on our canvas printing service. Email and/or send photos to

Can I get my photos transferred from my phone/tablet etc?

Transferring photos from your devices is also still possible. simply pop your device in a well padded envelope and we will call you back to ask how you would like them transferred whether that be to DVD or memory stick and then take a payment and process for collection or delivery. (delivery charges may apply).

I have a T shirt that needs some lettering or numbers?

This is the same process, simply post your t shirt to us either through our letterbox or using a delivery service. Include a note with the item, with contact details and a brief description of requirements and we will call you back to process the order.

Can I still order printed T shirts, gifts etc?

T shirt printing, mugs, face masks etc will still be available for purchase and can be ordered via email or from our inhouse T Shirt printing company Smart-FX. You can order directly from the Smart-FX site or by calling 01752 845755 (Tue- Fri -10am-5pm). Ordering from the Smart-FX site is easy, simply design your own t shirts, go through checkout and receive your custom designed wear through the post. You can also order via email. and payment can be made from the Smart-FX site, using card, PayPal or BACS by invoice, or even over the phone.


What if we want to collect from store?

If you have dropped off an order for processing i.e., memory cards, films, disposables, photos for duplication or any other service that requires collection. Will will let you know when its ready for collection. Simply call us, knock on the door or ring the doorbell to let us know you are outside the store and we will leave your order outside our main door for you to collect when you are ready for a contact free collection. If you have already placed an order prior to lockdown and planned on collecting it after being notified its ready, again just give us a call when you are ready to collect it from our main door.

How do I pay for an order, do you take cash?

Payments can be made online via Card/PayPal or over the phone to ensure a contact free service. We can accept cash providing it is the correct amount and placed in an envelope or money bag. TEL: 01752 845755


How long will I wait for my order?

We will endeavour to process all orders as quickly as we can. We are however governed by supplier and dispatched order delivery time scales. If you have ordered locally for a contact free collection, we would like to allow a couple days to process orders. If you have ordered from our site for delivery please allow 3-5 working days. In some cases, this could be longer due to postal service delays.

What are your operating hours during lockdown?

We will be on site Monday - Friday - 10am - 5pm.

General ordering, canvas, photos etc:

Document printing via email:

General information or payment by phone: 01752 845755

Ordering T Shirt printing via email:

Custom T Shirts, gifts, face masks etc:

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