Terms & Conditions


  • If pictures are not your own then please make sure you have expressive permission from the person or persons that hold the rights to the originals.
  • Printing quality is based upon originals provided, we will not be held responsible for printing orders that have been submitted with poor quality images.
  • Expressive permission in the form of a legal document is needed for printing Legal authority images.
  • We do not offer refunds on printed goods. We will replace where necessary.

Pay By Phone

  • All orders are sent and made available upon receiving prompt payment up front. Speedy Prints holds the rights to withdraw or cancel any unpaid orders. 

Document printing

  • Please check all documents before handing over to us for printing. On rare occasions, some documents could contain more than the specified number of printed pages and we would have to charge for the additional prints.

Disturbing pictures

If any of the following pictures are ordered and sent to us they will be subject to immediate cancellation and possible prosecution as we will notify the authorities.

  • Child pornography
  • Animal abuse
  • Portraying or committing violence

Disposable Cameras and Film Processing

A polite reminder to customers bringing in Disposable cameras or 35mm films.

If you suspect a camera or a film has not been used then please do not hand it in for processing if you do not want to be charged a processing fee. We are unable to identify if it has been used until we process. A processing fee will apply regardless. If a camera or film is identified as being unused upon completion of processing then we will partially refund for non-printing. We will NOT be able to refund the value of the disposable camera or film and we cannot be held responsible for replacement.

It is the customers responsibility to be fully aware of used or unused disposable cameras and films.

Poor quality images from disposable cameras and 35mm film

We cannot and will not be held responsible for poor quality pictures taken on both disposable and 35mm film either due to low light conditions, and/or poor quality cameras or film. We will process to the best of our ability.