Terms & Conditions

Postal order service films/disposables/slides etc

Once we receive the films/disposables. It can take up to 7-14 days for us to fully process and dispatch the order. Under normal circumstances we like to allow 7-14 days as our services can in most cases reach a high demand. When we receive films )every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) this can take a couple days for us to unpack and put into processing. If your order has been updated to processing it means we have your films and they have joined our developing queuing system. Once developed, your films are then sent to our scanning department to await scanning. This is where we require the 7-14 day window as we have thousands of films awaiting scanning. Once the film has been scanned it is then printed and prepared for film cutting and sleeving. Once it has been cut and sleeved it is then dispatched. So your order should be ready for dispatch 7-14 days from the date your order gets updated to processing. This is also the same for WeTransfer links.

Please do not expect us to rush through an order or prioritise it over others. As this is not fair on customers that have placed orders before this as we work on a first come first served basis.

I sent a disposable/film for developing and didn't receive all the photos back.

Please be advised that not all disposables or films contain the exact amount of photos as advised on the disposable or film. This can be down to a number of factors including camera error's when taking the picture, an aged film, poor lighting, fogging, wind issues and so on. Our system will reject any pictures which are deemed completely unrecognisable. So for example if a 24 or 36 film is sent to us for development, you may receive 20 or 30 photos back. It is also possible to receive more than the advised exposure size.

I received photos that were not my own or I'm unsure of what was on my films.

In the unlikely event you receive photos that may not be your own, please notify us immediately. We will request an image of the photos we sent to you so that we can check for any error on our part. This can only happen if in the unlikely even that a customers work envelop is accidently misplaced with another order form. We will not ask for a return only an image to check for any misplaced orders and photos, this can be done by emailing a photo to gary@speedy-prints.co.uk. If it is found that the image we receive matches the photos on the order number we have then we cannot replace or refund the order. When we receive films, they are given a twin check number and both the film and order form are tallied up at the same time which makes it impossible for films and order numbers to be mixed up. So if you feel the photos are not yours or are simply ensure due to the age of the films, the chances are they are yours as we leave no room for error when unpacking your films. If a dispute is raised and a refund is requested regardless of not sending us an image for us to check the error then we reserve the right to reject a claim or request a return of the product before issuing a full refund.

Payment up front policy

We work to a strict payment up front policy. We are unable to print or process orders in advance before payment. This is a precautionary measure to prevent loss of revenue which might occur when an order is uncollected or simply disregarded due to the customer changing their mind. In the rare case of any order being completed before a payment is received, no additional orders can be made from that of the same customer until the original order balance is cleared. We reserve the right to refuse any future orders from that of the said customer if the balance has not been cleared despite reminders being sent.


  • If pictures are not your own then please make sure you have expressive permission from the person or persons that hold the rights to the originals.
  • Printing quality is based upon originals provided, we will not be held responsible for printing orders that have been submitted with poor quality images.
  • Expressive permission in the form of a legal document is needed for printing Legal authority images.
  • We do not offer refunds on printed goods. We will replace where necessary.

Pay By Phone

  • All orders are sent and made available upon receiving prompt payment up front. Speedy Prints holds the rights to withdraw or cancel any unpaid orders. 

Document printing

  • Please check all documents before handing over to us for printing. On rare occasions, some documents could contain more than the specified number of printed pages and we would have to charge for the additional prints.

Disturbing pictures

If any of the following pictures are ordered and sent to us they will be subject to immediate cancellation and possible prosecution as we will notify the authorities.

  • Child pornography
  • Animal abuse
  • Portraying or committing violence

Unused Disposable Cameras and Films 

A polite reminder to customers bringing in Disposable cameras or 35mm films.

If you suspect a camera or a film has not been used then please do not hand it in for processing if you do not want to be charged a processing fee. We are unable to identify if it has been used until we process. A processing fee will apply regardless. If a camera or film is identified as being unused upon completion of processing then we will partially refund for non-printing. We will NOT be able to refund the value of the disposable camera or film and we cannot be held responsible for replacement.

It is the customers responsibility to be fully aware of used or unused disposable cameras and films.

Poor quality images from disposable cameras and 35mm film

We cannot and will not be held responsible for poor quality pictures taken on both disposable and 35mm film either due to low light conditions, and/or poor quality cameras or film. We will always process to the best of our ability.

Film disposal

Sometimes films can become creased or the travel holes become damaged before release from their carts. If this is the case this can cause jamming and irreversible damage during processing and developing or scanning. Therefore your films will be disposed of if this happens. If your films have been scanned we can of course send a digital copy via WeTransfer.


We can accept returns for various products providing they remain unopened and unused. If you receive a product where your are not completely satisfied with the quality, this can be returned and replaced. We can only refund on unopened products and can only replace returned prints or photos. If you are returning an order that does not meet your satisfaction then it is your responsibility to pack and pay for return postage. We cannot be made liable for returned items that have not been packed correctly and arrive damaged or lost in the post. Please make sure all returned items are securely and properly packed to avoid such outcome.  Please visit our contact us page for return address details.

Postage and dispatch times

Orders are dispatched via Royal Mail 1st class signed for. We like to allow a 3-7 (Working Days) dispatch time for certain items. Although our items and listing stock levels are shown as (in stock) some products are made to order and we specifically need to request these from our suppliers. This includes cushion covers, tea towels, and face masks. 

We endeavour to ship all orders within 3-5 (working) days. Please be aware that orders can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered and sometimes longer due to restrictions. We use Royal Mail as our main delivery service. Royal Mail have reported delays and have informed us that some deliveries can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered.

Please note we will fulfil orders on any out of stock items which can take up to 10-15 working days .International orders will be dispatched via Royal Mail tracked and signed. Domestic orders will be dispatched using Royal Mail 1st class signed.

Missing/lost or rejected/returned

We do not offer refunds on orders that may go missing or are simply lost in the post. We will only replace orders where necessary if the item is indeed lost or undelivered. Sometimes delivery can take up to 3-6 weeks depending upon the delivery agents/couriers capacity. If the delivery goes past 12 weeks, which is when an item is deemed lost, we will look into replacing the order. Undelivered claims on orders that have been marked as delivered and/or signed for cannot possibly be replaced or refunded.

We also reserve the right to withdraw or refuse to send a package to a suspicious address. This can include an address not recognised by Royal Mail, an address that does not match a payment or invoice address and any refunds that may occur on disputes from claiming a package missing or lost. This also include packages that have been marked as delivered via the tracking information. 

If you move from your current address at the time of ordering and do not inform us of a change of address prior to delivery then we shall not be held responsible for any lost orders.

Requesting a change of address prior to ordering. Please let us know if you require a change of address within the said time frame so we may update our records. If you require a change of address outside of the UK, please let us know prior to ordering.

Change of address after ordering. If an address has been confirmed when ordering and not updated and we have shipped to the confirmed order address, we will not be held liable for any loss or returns that may occur. If the item is to be shipped to a new postage address after being returned to us, a postage fee will be applied before re shipping. If an item is to be sent via international post, postage will need to be paid for prior to re shipping. Our standard postage fees are £9.50 for international. And £3.50 for domestic.

Wrongly claimed lost items

If when we ask you to identify your package or post via our online lost & found and you have selected a package which is later to be identified in error, you will be liable and asked to safely return the photos and/or films back to us. Please note, if you dispose of the photos and/or film you will still be liable for postage costs and possibly a fine to cover damages which could occur if the original owner of the said wrongly claimed photos/film comes forward and expresses their up most distraught after learning their property has been disposed of. This is a very rare occurrence but it is still possible and we have to make customers fully aware of this which we cannot be held liable or responsible for.

Order Call Backs

If you have requested a call back on a completed order, and do not receive one within the given estimated competition time which would have be given when making an order, this will mean the order is indeed completed and ready for collection. If delivery was requested than the item would have been dispatched within the given estimated time frame. We cannot be held liable for requested calls that we are unable to make. Please remember we receive many orders on a day to day basis, so we cant always track which orders request a call back unless otherwise stated on the worksheet/envelope during the time of ordering. We provide an estimated time frame so that the customer will have a clear understanding on when they are able to collect or expect an order. If you need to enquire about the status of an order please call 01752 845755 (within the given estimated time frame).

Disputes or claims and suspicious accounts

Under any normal circumstances we will endeavour to assist in a dispute of an order and to help rectify it amicably as quickly as possible. If a dispute is filled regarding an item undelivered and it is proven to be delivered by our couriers system then the address will be marked as unsafe by our system and blacklisted to prevent any future orders being sent to what would be regarded as an unsafe postal address. The address will only be blacklisted on our site and not blacklisted indefinitely as regarded by creditors. This is only a precautionary measure and term we use undertaken by our system and site. We will be unable to send any products to the address on future orders. This can also result in the customers email or IP address being blocked from our system preventing any future orders occurring. This is also the case if an order has been received in error (the wrong photos etc) and any information we request in helping us to resolve the dispute amicably is withheld from us. If we feel an account is suspicious from the outset or from the point of signing up we will reject and block the suspicious account indefinitely from any future orders.

NHS Staff member discounts

We have a great NHS Staff discount system in place to reward the hard work and dedication of our great NHS workers. Accounts that have been setup under the NHS Worker scheme will be asked to verify their details by sending a picture of their NHS ID badge to info@speedy-prints.co.uk. Once verified NHS Staff Members will be able to take advantage of the discounts on offer. If an account is seen or regarded as a false request and is found to not be any part of the NHS or their staff we reserve the right to reject the account request.

Account setup and registering

When you setup your account for the first time, you will be emailed your username and password for reference. This is an autogenerated email which is sent out by our system. We do not have access to this information. All account setup emails are auto generated for security. Once you have this and have remembered and taken note of your login information, simply dispose/delete it. This is standard practice for various ecommerce sites that do not hold payment or bank account information. All payment information is stored with a 3rd party payment gateway company (Worldpay) and/or (PayPal). Please do not share your password information with anyone. Please use this information to login to view account information and order statuses.

Reward Points

Reward points are given when ordering certain products. Each reward point equals to 1p. You can redeem reward points at anytime.