Current service status

Added: 10/07/2022

35mm film orders/Aps

Currently we are running over our 7-14 day turnaround. And are expecting to ship out orders 1-2 weeks past our normal advised turnaround time.


We have been short staffed for a few weeks due to illnesses, this coupled with a scanner break down and unusually high demand.

What to expect

Please expect a delay with your order. We normally are able to commit to a fast turnaround for our popular film processing service but with the reasons mentioned this has slowed us down a tad.

Rest assure we will be back on track within the next few weeks.

LATEST EDIT: 13/08/2022

We are currently processing all films recieved on the 23rd of July. Originaly when the delays came about, this put us 4 weeks behind. Now we are roughly just over a week behind our usual expected turnaround. We are working very hard and are catching up.