Lost and found

Here you will find a selection of packages we have received which have been unclaimed due to having no name/order number included. If you see a package that you recognise please let us know by email at gary@speedy-prints.co.uk or pete@speedy-prints.co.uk (copy and paste the image to the email, or state the four figure number added to the package).


Wrongly claimed lost items

If when we ask you to identify your package or post via our online lost & found and you have selected a package which is later to be identified in error, you will be liable and asked to safely return the photos and/or films back to us. Please note, if you dispose of the photos and/or film you will still be liable for postage costs and possibly a fine to cover damages which could occur if the original owner of the said wrongly claimed photos/film comes forward and expresses their up most distraught after learning their property has been disposed of. This is a very rare occurrence but it is still possible and we have to make customers fully aware of this which we cannot be held liable or responsible for. So please be vigilant when identifying your post/package.

lost and found
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