I got my films eventually. Called the guys at Speedy to find out what was happening after sending in me films nearly 5 weeks prior to receiving. Turns out, it wasn't the guys fault. Royal Mail had my order for well over 2 weeks and didn't pop a slip through the door. So great service from Speedy guys just not so from Royal Mail. But i will be back. hasn't put me off.

Samuel Haynes16/02/2021

A great service. From start to finish it took about 3 weeks to receive my order. That was sending off my films, awaiting development and receiving my prints in the post. Most companies seem to advise of a minimum 21 day turn around for film development sent through the post, so all in all very happy.

Mr R Robbins16/02/2021

Excellent service and a relief to find a decent company that develops film professionally

Jane Dunn21/01/2021

Excellent service. sent off my films after being let down by a company of whom I shall not mention, received my prints a couple weeks or so later. And they are excellent quality I might add!

J. T Ryland31/12/2020

Thanks for a great service. Greet quality prints and the film cut offs put into sleeves which previous companies I have used don't seem to do. I will be back again.